Beard washes for a healthy beard

FP Studio September 25, 2020 18:18:12 IST
Beard washes for a healthy beard

Treats beard dandruff
Men with beards know that beard dandruff is a real thing. It’s also very embarrassing. There’s nothing worse than dandruff flakes that are visible on your beard when you are face-to-face with someone. It’s a major put-off. Ustraa Anti-Dandruff Beard Wash gets rid of beard dandruff and the cedarwood oil in it ensures that it controls extra oil secretions so that new flakes are not formed. Flax seed extract, a protein source, treats dry and damaged hair and prickly pear cactus extract prevents post-wash dryness and keeps hair hydrated and nourished. At the end of it, you have a healthy, dandruff-free and denser beard.

Perfect for city beards
Men Phy clearly states who its product is for: The urban professional. The product is developed for men who work in cities, navigating long hours of commute and combating pollution. The three main ingredients quinoa, olive and bio-sugar all function on this premise. Quinoa locks moisture, olive is a deep conditioner and bio-sugar acts as a protection shield. This product also doubles up as a face wash, keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. It also guards your skin against the daily effects of pollution. It is suitable for all skin types.

Removes Impurities
It is about time that men started taking notice of the effects of pollution and grime on their skin. Masculine The Gentlemen Choice Charcoal Face and Beard Wash for Men protects male skin and beard from pollution. Pollution has a very adverse effect on beards. It causes a lot of impurities to settle in it and causes hair to become limp and dry. A sad beard is a bad beard. The charcoal in the wash cleanses your face and fights against daily build-ups like dirt, oil and impurities. It removes dead cells from your skin giving you a bright face and a healthy beard. Good for men with any skin type.

Fights beard fall
There is such a thing called beard hair loss. Beards that used to be very healthy suddenly look sparse. This could be because of pollution or dandruff or deficiencies in the body. LetsShave Beard & Hair Shampoo + Conditioner 2 in 1 Wash addresses all these concerns. It gets rid of dry skin and dandruff that leaves your hair (both scalp and beard) feeling clean, fresh, soft, nourished and conditioned. The aloe vera in it gently cleans your hair and boosts hair growth as well as prevents itching. The vitamin E prevents hair from breaking down. Camelina extract gets rid of dryness while green tea extract prevents patchy beards. Great for those who suffer from sparse beards.

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