Bamboo socks to save the environment and protect your feet

FP Studio May 15, 2021 21:30:49 IST
Bamboo socks to save the environment and protect your feet

For all genders

Maude & Mobray’s premium men and women seamless no-show socks feature a new and improved design that keeps you comfortable all day long. The socks are lightweight and breathable for you to walk around happy for many hours on end. They have a special anti-blister cushioning that makes them a viable option for extensive wear. The bamboo material is highly absorbent, our no-show socks keep your feet dry and odorless. The socks are not only durable and long-lasting but also super soft and comfortable.

Antimicrobial fibre

Footprints’ anti-odor, anti-bacterial range of organic & bamboo socks keep your feet fresh and dry all day. It is blended with naturally antimicrobial bamboo fiber. It prevents bacteria and fungus from cultivating on it, hence keeping it odor-free. The socks are not only odor-free but they are super soft and absorbent, just perfect for continuous wear, and are ideal for a long day at the office and frequent travelers. The socks come with excellent elasticity and grip.

Super light

Auxipro socks are as light as Helium. The softness of bamboo, quick sweat absorption properties, and breathable & elastic mesh ensures a smooth grip and supreme comfort. The cushion pads under the feet and combed bamboo fabric keep your feet dry all day. The socks are ideal for sports, running, or any physical activity. The odor is controlled through a natural anti-bacterial property of bamboo material. They fit snug and provide the right amount of support to the heel, arch, and ankle.

Super soft

Heelium’s bamboo socks are very light in weight. The socks are made of bamboo which makes the socks not only soft but it also ensures that your feet are always dry. It is odorless and is antibacterial. It also keeps your feet free from infections and the softness of the bamboo fabric prevents friction injuries like rashes and ulcers. Heelium's athletic cum marathon socks are 2-3 times stronger and more durable than cotton, nylon, or polyester socks. A must-buy for people with sensitive feet.

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