Backpacks for your next hike

FP Studio November 23, 2020 09:46:46 IST
Backpacks for your next hike

Suitable for Rough Use

This large sized trekking backpack will give you the best of all worlds. It has a very attractive black and grey color along with a super color white print at the front. This backpack is very comfortable and is made of a sturdy material that makes it durable. The compartments are spacious and can fit multiple pairs of clothing, a first aid kit, an umbrella and any other necessity that you need to carry during a hike. It also features a separate shoe compartment and multiple external pockets with straps and cords for other things like a yoga mat or a tripod that you want. Fur Jaden Travel Backpack is crafted from a special polyester material that enables it to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Lot of storage

You can easily disappear into the wild with this camouflage hiking backpack. This rucksack has been designed in a way that you can carry maximum items effortlessly. It also has a very stylish military print design. BluHawk Rucksack Bag features breathable and padded shoulder straps. Along with this, it also features soft cushioned back support which doesn’t tire you on your journey easily. It is made of a high grade polyester fabric which is water repellant and has a capacity of 75L.

Separate shoe compartment

This backpack gives you multiple features in one at a very reasonable price. It is made of a premium quality durable polyester fabric and it comes with a rain cover to protect the bad during bad weather conditions. This backpack also ensures that you get optimum comfort. It has an ergonomic S shaped strap for flexibility, cushioned back and a waist belt for proper weight distribution. The backpack is light in weight and provides a lot of spacious compartments and zips. POLESTAR Flyer Navy Backpack has a very simple yet bold look. It also has a separate easy to access shoe compartment and a strap so you can tie a yoga mat comfortably.

Urban hikers

This hiking backpack is perfect for a beginner or a short hike. It is made of a breathable and tough snow yarn polyester fabric and has a compact size. This backpack has several spacious compartments with zipper closure. It comes in a vibrant red color that looks very attractive. MEGASTAR Travel Backpack is eco-friendly, lightweight and water-resistant. It has adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and it also has a special laptop sleeve inside the main compartment.

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