Avoid bites with these top mosquito repellers

FP Studio June 08, 2021 19:57:11 IST
Avoid bites with these top mosquito repellers

Keep the bites away
Going natural is comfortable with these neem anti-mosquito liquid vaporizers. Each refill in this pack of four lasts up to 30 nights. This makes it a convenient purchase to cover your whole home. Made with 100% NATURAL active ingredients - Neem and Eucalyptus Oil - it has a pleasant odor and effectively wards off mosquitoes. This product is safe for all age groups and is even Paediatrician certified for your safety and peace of mind. Recommended for use with Goodknight Naturals Machine only, this one is great for those who are looking for a safe, natural way to keep the bugs away.

Protect yourself from bugs and perfume your home
This new lime spray is an excellent idea for indoor spaces like offices and clinics. You get all the power of an easy-to-use mosquito-killing spray with the fragrance of a lime flower. This means you can get into all the little nooks and corners and keep the bugs at bay. By spraying daily in usual mosquito hiding places like below furniture, behind curtains and in the toilet/bathroom, you can make sure you zap them quickly and easily. If you’re looking for an easy way to kill mosquitoes, give this a shot.

Spray-on protection against mosquitoes
Killing mosquitoes can also put your kids at risk. But with this natural mosquito repellent, you can protect your kids from Malaria and dengue-causing bits safely. Quick and easy to carry along on your evening walks or while playing in the park, you get adequate protection for up to eight hours with just a few sprays. Made with Citronella and Aloe Vera's goodness, this spray is a convenient choice for those looking for protection without harmful chemicals.

Herbal mosquito spray
Those of us who are tired of being bitten yet don’t like using harmful chemicals will love this spray. Made from Cedarwood, Citronella, Lemongrass and Neem, it ensures a subtle yet fresh fragrance while keeping you safe. Less toxic to humans and the environment, this 100% herbal mosquito repellent has zero chemicals and is non-toxic. With no side effects, you can safely use it all over your house. Every 100ml bottle contains 450 sprays and is perfect for daily use in a 2-3 bedroom house.

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