Artificial plants to increase your green quotient at home

FP Studio December 28, 2020 14:48:42 IST
Artificial plants to increase your green quotient at home

High quality silk

The SAMRIDDHI Artificial Hanging Orchid Flowers comes in one piece and is multicoloured. The flowers as well as the bush is made using high quality silk and the stems are made using plastic. You can easily use it as an equipment to decorate your house as well as use it for decoration of your office, weddings, receptions or any other function as well. The flowers are very easy to adjust and they sit almost anywhere you put them. However, since they come well packed, it is recommended that you take each flower individually and adjust them as per your convenience.

Detachable plant

The Sofix Artificial Orchid Flower with Wood Pot has the following dimensions – 10x8x30 centimeters. The size of the pot is 3.5 inches. The best part about this flower pot is that, each of the flowers as well as leaves can be detached from the step when you please (which is necessesary for cleaning) and then simply attached back by pushing it in! These flowers are washable, making the cleaning process comparatively easy and hassle free.

Single plant

The FLYNGO Artificial Orchid Plants with Plastic Pot looks 100% real and is made of superior quality plastic. The package contains a single tabletop artificial plant as well as a plastic pot. You can use this at home, in your office or as a simple furniture decoration – anywhere you’d like! It can also act as an excellent gift for friends or family, irrespective of the ocassion. In fact, the plant also looks quite bright, albeit artificial, so it is bound to be loved by anyone you give it to!

Artificial garland

The VRCT Artificial Garland Money Creeper Wall Hanging Plant is available in packs of 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well. It is made of fine quality polyester fabric plastic and its dimensions read – 10x10x5 centimeters. It acts as an excellent gift, irrespective of the ocassion and is also quite long lasting as well as easy to clean and maintain. This artifical money creeper looks quite real, which is why you can place it anywhere you’d like and it would look equally beautiful!

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