Artificial plants to decorate your home

FP Studio December 23, 2020 09:35:32 IST
Artificial plants to decorate your home

Artificial bamboo

Fancy Mart brings Plastic & Wood Artificial Bamboo Leaves Plant with Wood Hexagon Pot. It is 20 cm in height and Green in colour. According to the Chinese mythology, bamboo plants and trees bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness. A well-known plant and one key element in Chinese culture. A good addition as a décor in your home, believed to extract a positive energy into your home or office. Receiving a bamboo plant as a gift is assumed to bring good luck to the receiver. Made from best quality material and fabrics to your surroundings to bring change and dynamism to the environment.

Hanging plants

BS AMOR brings Artificial Hanging Plants which are Green in colour and come in a pack of 3. Leaves have a very a realistic look, with natural markings and colour variations as well as different sizes to give it an overall softness. The ivy garland is easy to store and reusable, as it never wilts, and is crafted to last for years! Perfect for wedding arches, party decorations, in-home, office & restaurant decor and more! Drape over doorways, mirrors, bed railings, window treatments, pictures, closets, ledges, stair railings, walls. There are endless uses for these beautiful silk ivy garlands!

Bonsai Plant

DecoratingLives brings Set of 2 Mini Cute Artificial Plants. They are Bonsai Potted Plastic Faux Green Grass. These are fake topiary shrubs for home decor, washroom and office décor. They feature a lush and vibrant faux green grass in a cute pot. This piece of décor is perfect for your home or office. Each leaf has a clear texture and vivid color which perfectly imitate the appearance of natural ones. You no longer have to worry about the green plants in your home dying when you travel, and there is no need to maintain or care for them, which means they remain just as fresh-looking and beautiful year after year.

Vine Creeper Plants

DUSSLE DORF has Artificial Vine Creeper Plants for home décor, main door, wall, balcony, office decoration or parties. Made up of polyester fabric, these beautiful and ethnic artificial leaves garlands have been in tradition for decades. Fake ivy is waterproof and durable thanks to the special silk fabric leaves and sturdy plastic stem. Moreover, an artificial English Ivy Vine Hanging Plant can perfectly match theme party by creating a special atmosphere of nature and vitality. Great for Thanksgiving, autumns, wedding, party, birthday, Valentine's day, anniversary, Christmas, garden, balcony, shopping mall. Coming with 30*green cable ties, the fake ivy vines can be easily fixed to anywhere you want a touch of naturalness.

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