Artificial aquarium decor items to give your tank a cool look

FP Studio November 27, 2020 10:19:52 IST
Artificial aquarium decor items to give your tank a cool look

Floats upright in the water

An artificial green plastic grass plant that floats upright in the water while being held at the base of the aquarium with the help of a ceramic base. It give a very beautiful natural environment to the fishes in the aquarium and has a length of 32cm thus suitable for medium sized aquariums. The plastic used has smoothed edges which ensure no fish is hurt by it. If you are looking for grass plant ornamental for your aquarium, Aquamarine Artificial Green Grass Water Plant that comes in a set of two is the one for you.

Suitable for salty and fresh water

This is a natural looking green tree made of soft plastic designed in a way that it looks like a real tree. It has a size of 12 inches of height, 4.25 inches of length and 2.25 inches of width. It provides the fishes a good structure to play and hinde around keeping them active and healthy. If you are looking for aquarium decor for salty or fresh water Jainsons Pet Products Artificial Bonsai Plastic Green Plant covers it for you as it is suitable for both, fresh and salty water.

High Quality Plastic

A set of 10 plants in very beautiful and attractive colours that fill the aquarium with a very happy vibe over the mundane one. Each plant has the dimension of 5.1cm in length x 5.1cm in width x 10.2cm in height. This is made of high quality plastic that does not get affected by the pH of tha tank water and is very safe for the fishes. If you are looking for some vibrant coloured decor to fill your aquarium, BURAQ Aquarium Plants Fish Tank Decorations Artificial Aquatic Plants is the best pick for you.

Easy to clean

A lush green artificial grass mat that looks very realistic in the water. It not only gives a very realistics feel but also gives a very crystal clear water as it helps to settle down the small particles. E'cella 24 inch x 12 inch Aquarium Green Artificial Grass Mat has a very easy assembly and cleaning, all you have to do is keep the mat under running tap water and then simply lift it and put it in the aquarium floor as you ensure no bubbles are left at the base. You are advised to but on some other decor articles or pebbles to hold it down otherwise it will float.

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