Aquarium tanks for small fishes

FP Studio November 25, 2020 14:58:28 IST

Large water capacity
A transparent glass made aquarium tank that has a perfect double arc shape. The tank has a size of 28cm x 19cm x 33.5cm and a water capacity of 15 liters that is quiet adequate for around six small fishes. It has a completely covered lid with a small flip open lid at the corner and has a high-end LED lamp attached to it. If you are looking for a compact glass aquarium tank, JAINSONS PET PRODUCTS Fish Aquarium Combo Tank-15 Ltr is the one for you.

Perfect for two mini fishes
An acrylic made aquarium tank that is powder coated in black which gives it a very classy look. It has a pendstand attached alongside it with a LCD display of time, date and temperature. The tank has multi colored LED lights underwater and A led lamp overhead that is adjustable. It has a running tap pump which runs on USB connection, ensures oxygenated water is available to the fish all the time. If you are looking for a tank sufficient enough for two mini fishes, Ruily USB Desktop Mini Fish Tank Aquarium is the best buy for you.

A complete package
An aquarium tank made of metal and plastic having a stationary storage space alongside. It has a capacity to hold upto 1.5 liters of water and is decorated inside with colourful pebbles, artificial plants, and LED lights to create a good ambience. It also has an LCD display featuring alarm clock, calendar, time and temperature. Docooler USB Desktop Mini Fish Tank Aquarium with LED Clock (White) is best for office which also has 6 different modes of tranquil nature sounds that makes it a complete package with all the interior decor.

Easy cleaning system
An aquarium tank that is made of plastic and has a rectangular shape. The tank is uniquely divided in three equal parts that allows you to keep fishes separate if you won a fighter fish, you know how important it is. Each compartment of the aquarium has an artificial plant and an overall two colour day and night lighting system. The simple compartment system along with plus environment filtration keep its cleaning very easy. If you are looking for a fish tank for mini fishes especially betta fishes,VENY'S Triple Betta Tank with LED Lighting is the one for you.

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