Antique lover wouldn’t miss these Vintage Telephones

FP Studio April 01, 2021 01:51:34 IST
Antique lover wouldn’t miss these Vintage Telephones

Retro Feel

This beautiful antique piece would be a perfect fit for your home. It is made entirely of brass and comes in a gold color making it beautifully vintage. Vintage Collection Antique Landline Telephone_VC5 is fully functional so you can make those good old calls with absolutely no hassle. It comes with a brass rotary dial for dialing numbers. This product weighs a little over a kg. It would look ideal on your desk or your living room or your bedroom if you want to go for that antique look and feel of your place. It is a great gifting option as well.

Antique Swan design

This exquisite piece of collectible comes in a swan-like design and is made entirely of brass. Although it is not a functional piece it would still be a great addition to your antique collection of items. Landline telephone Vintage Collection Antique Swan Design Brass Decorative Showpiece is beautiful and would remind you of the old times when we had to dial numbers using a rotary dial. It is an excellent choice for a decor item really. The quality is also great. It is extremely sturdy and durable as well. In a nutshell, a great buy. You won’t regret this one.

Beautifully Antique

This antique collectible is absolutely functional and is made entirely of brass. It is a great addition to your interior decoration and is also a beautiful piece to gift your loved ones. It has a candlestick design that is both unique and exquisite. Artshai Brass Antique Style Candlestick Brass Telephone is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms and desks. You can use the rotary dial to dial numbers just like old times. It is handmade which adds to its charm and is golden in color giving it that aesthetic touch. Do get yourself one if you want to go for that vintage look of your place.

Vibrant Collectible

This piece of collectible is probably the best table phone to have. It is vintage and also completely functional. It has a rotary dial like the good old days. It is the perfect landline phone to own if you want that vintage aesthetic look at your place. Maliks Crafts YNSA8627 Antique landline Telephone is brown and beautifully crafted in wood and brass giving it a brilliant vintage look. It is ideal as a decorative piece or on your study desk. It is a great gifting option as well. You do not want to miss out on this product and you won’t have to look further for vintage collectibles.

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