Anti-skid yoga mats you will love

FP Studio November 10, 2020 18:20:48 IST
Anti-skid yoga mats you will love

For a grippier yoga session

If you're practising in a heated room, or you tend to work up a sweat during home practice, this is the mat for you. The premium, natural rubberized cork gives you excellent grip and cushioning to help you hold your stance and focus better. Durable, lightweight, and easy to roll-up, we love that it is antimicrobial and at 6ft, long enough to accommodate most of us comfortably. Made in India, we'd say get this mat if you want to practise your yoga, safely.

Perfect for beginners

If you're starting on your yoga journey, then this is the perfect entry-level yoga mat. Available in a variety of colours and at 3,6 and 8mm thickness, the premium quality foam at the very affordable price point makes this one popular with yoga practitioners of all ages. Lightweight and durable, the non-slip bottom provides excellent grip indoors and outside, while the handy bag makes it easy to travel with as well. Easy to machine wash and maintain, get this one for a stress-free yoga practise.

Comfortably thick for advanced yoga

With a double-sided, non-slip surface and 6-8mm thickness to pick from, you can do yoga anywhere. Great on everything from hardwood floors to tiles or even the great outdoors, this eco-friendly EVA mat is biodegradable and free from toxic materials. Made of high-quality rubber, you can say goodbye to smelly mats that soak up sweat and get mouldy with use. Tear-resistant and easy to clean, every mat comes with a handy strap that lets you roll up and hang it for easy storage or travel. Buy this one if you're looking for an all-purpose workout aid to stay fit and healthy.

For comfortable meditation

Made from 100% cotton yarn, this mat is ideal for yoga asanas and flooring workouts. Enjoy the soft comfort of woven handlooms as you meditate and destress. Sweat-absorbent and easy to wash and clean, this mat is available in several colours and also has grippy anti-skid protection. At 6mm, it's thick enough to be comfortable on everything from your terrace tiles to a studio floor. Finally, you have a versatile natural option to stretching, strength activities and doing more power packed stances like surya namaskars and downward dog. Buy this mat if you prefer a more natural vibe while practising your yoga.

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