Amazing night vision glasses for bikes

FP Studio December 28, 2020 10:24:11 IST
Amazing night vision glasses for bikes

Anti glare

The Air Force Night Vision Glasses for Men and Women have polarized yellow lenses which can help to reduce high intensity glare that one might get, due to headlights, LED signage as well as floodlights. It helps you to get a clearer vision in the dark and makes your driving smoother and safer. Its polarised yellow lenses help to reduce any excess eye strain and also enhances your overall vision, thereby improving colour clarity and optical definition. It is also superlight, scratch resistant, super stylish, unbreakable and extremely durable to use.

Gunmetal frame

The JIM HALO Night Driving Polarized Glasses is available in both a gunmetal frame as well as a yellow frame. These glasses can help to reduce high intensity glare that might eminate from headlights, signages, floodlights and LED lights. It is ideal in all situations – whether it is foggy or rainy. These glasses make use of composite technology, which is why the lenses are able to make impact resistance, is anti-blowout and also effectively prevents any for of hard harm to the lenses. It comes with a 30-day warranty as well!


The Dervin Unisex Day and Night HD Vision Anti-Glare UV Protected Sunglasses helps to smoothen and make your night time driving easy by filtering out high energy light. Since it has yellow lenses, they help to eliminate any and every glare during the night, providing you with clear vision always. Its highly saturated colours helps to reduce glare and also simultaneously enhances the contrasts. It is medium sized and also has a sporty design (however depending on how big or small your temple is, it might change) and it works well for both men and women.


The NASONEB HD vision day and night unisex googles are anti-glare and polarized sunglasses. It has a universal fit and also allows you to see clearly irrespective of how bright a day might be, or how foggy a night might be. You can also wear these over your regular sunglasses to get a periphery protection vision, that helps to block out light from every direction and also ensures that your eyes stay protected. Also, it’s highly saturated colours ensure that there is a reduced glare enhanced contrast.

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