Airtight spice storage you should consider buying right now

FP Studio January 27, 2021 17:14:00 IST
Airtight spice storage you should consider buying right now

Stackable and dishwasher-safe

Compact, airtight, and a slight texture on the outside to give you a better grip, these boxes are great for any kitchen. Dishwashers-safe and with bright red caps, they are pretty enough to keep out on the counter or use up minimal space in a closet. Perfect for one person meal prep, they are beneficial for smaller portions like baby food and craft supplies. We've used them for a while and found they perform flawlessly. If you're looking for containers that are easy to clean and reuse, get this Set.

See-through storage containers

This Set of space-saving containers are made of PET material and are airtight, shatterproof and BPA-free. These containers can store several things and are excellent in small kitchens as they can be easily stacked and see-through. This makes it easy to identify precisely what's inside the cans. The easy to open and close screw caps allow you to open or close the cans when you need something quickly. With 16 pieces of different sizes, if you're looking for an easy to use storage system, you can't go wrong with this one.

Easy flow grain containers

When it comes to small kitchen cabinets, we are always looking for more compact solutions to use space more effectively. These 12 containers have large enough options to hold all your monthly staples of whole rice, noodles, sugar and wheat, and any number of beans. The easy flow tops are great to easily remove smaller portions while the smaller containers are great for chilli flakes and dried herbs. If you're looking for a versatile set of storage boxes, try this one first.

Microwave safe and ideal for snacks

We hate lugging around large bags of snacks and trail mix. That's when a box set like this one comes in handy. The flexible airtight lids keep the contents fresh and free from moisture while the BPA free, food-grade plastic is microwave safe and dishwasher friendly making maintenance a breeze. This Set of 8 containers are conveniently sized and stackable. Now you can save space in your bag and the refrigerator while keeping your food fresh and safe. Do you want a great all-round set of storage containers? These are just the ones you need.

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