Air blowers for efficient cleaning in your house

FP Studio February 08, 2021 10:02:49 IST
Air blowers for efficient cleaning in your house

2-in-1 tool

Here is a smart way to clean dust and dirt off. This air blower has 600 watt powerful motor which is suitable for cleaning air coolers, ventilation grills, furniture, etc. Along with effective cleaning, this air blower has a compact and light weight structure which makes it easy to carry around. Its dual mode feature also allows you to control the speed of airflow. The sturdy body of this blower is designed to withstand impacts and blows. Stanley STPT600 Speed Blower is a 2-in-1 tool that can be used as a blower and a vacuum cleaner too. It also has a removable nozzle to make your task easier.

For heavy use

Here is an air blower which is gives you top class performance at a very reasonable price. This blower is made of a good quality and extremely sturdy, unbreakable material. It has an amazing air blowing speed of 85 miles/hr and it has a compact, durable and very easy to handle design. ADN-POWER Electric Air Blower can also do heavy duty work which makes it suitable for industrial use as well. It can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces because of its powerful air blowing property. Among other amazing features, this air blower also has a suction cleaner for easy and optimum cleaning.

Instant cleaning

This air blower has a very sturdy and durable body which is paired with attractive looks. Cheston Heavy Duty Electric Air Blower has a powerful 500 W motor which produces 13,000 RPM of motor speed. This air blower can effectively clean dust settled on various surfaces, floor and appliances. It is also made of a high quality material which makes this product durable. It has a lock-on button that ensures convenience while cleaning. Along with a strong body and amazing features, this air blower is very easy to maintain and can provide instant cleaning of objects. It comes in an extremely attractive red and black color combination.

Ideal power-weight ratio

This air blower has very advanced and attractive features. It has a beautiful blue colored body which is very appealing to the eye. It offers a 620W power and has an ergonomic design. This air blower has a perfect power-weight ratio which makes it easy to handle and provides convenience while cleaning. Bosch GBL 620 Watt Air Blower makes tedious cleaning tasks simple and efficient. It also ensures that every corner and heard to reach area has been cleaned properly. This air blower is perfect for cleaning air coolers, ventilation grills, removing wood dust, etc. This tool is extremely handy and you can easily change its carbon brush for servicing.

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