Admire yourself in these beautiful mirrors

FP Studio August 17, 2020 21:46:31 IST
Admire yourself in these beautiful mirrors

Zigzag hooks for sturdy mounting

This is a beautiful rectangular wall mirror with its frame crafted from premium quality synthetic fiber wood in black with intricate design of leaves which gives out a metal finished look. It has MDF board background support and zigzag hooks are provided at the back to facilitate the mirror to be mounted on the wall without the use of a wire. The mirror is of 24 inches by length and 12 inches by width while The overall dimensions are 26 inches length X 14 inches width X 1 inch depth. If you are searching for a bedroom wall mirror, definitely consider SEVEN HORSES Glass Wall Mirror.

See your reflection crystal clear

This wall mirror has its frame constructed from solid black fiber wood of premium quality with acrylic protection at each of the four corners making the framer sturdy. The back of the frame has waterproof rexine protection that makes it almost 99% water resistant thus perfect to be mounted on the bathroom wall. It is a distortion free mirror and can be mounted vertically or horizontally as you wish. Creative Arts N Frame Sober Black Fiber Wood Wall Mirror has the dimensions of 21 inches length and 15 inches width and the mirror has depth of 4mm. The solid black frame gives a very elegant look. Whos hud buy for what

Perfect as wall decor mirror

Add a retro look to the walls of your home with this stunning vintage styled mirror. Its frame is made from compressed wood making it sturdy and durable and the back plate is made of plywood. It has a gorgeous antique design furnished with metallic golden colour that gives it a graceful look and feel. KURTZY Classic Antique Style Wall Mirror comes with the dimensions of approximately 50cm by length and 38cm by width. It is perfect to be mounted on the wall of your living room as a mirror as well as wall decor.

Saint Gobian make

This mirror is Saint Gobian made being strong, sturdy and durable. It is a frameless oval shaped mirror with Installation clamp provided at the back of the mirror.SDG Frameless Oval Mirror is 18 inches in width, 24 inches in length and the edge thickness is 4mm which is sufficient enough for the mirror to be used above the wash basin. It gives very sharp and clear reflection thus will aid you well while you are trimming or shaving your beard or applying makeup.

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