Add fun to your garden with these animal statues

FP Studio November 23, 2020 10:00:01 IST
Add fun to your garden with these animal statues

Pot holder

Here is a cute animal statue that can pose as a perfect house warming gift. This duck statue looks great indoors as well as outdoors. It has a cute duck design along with a small pot holder on the back of the duck. The statue is made of a polyresin material and has been painted with bright UV protected paint. Wonderland Outdoor White Duck with Pot is available in two sizes and looks absolutely cute in your front porch. It adds a personal touch to your garden or home.

Distinct look

Are you looking for unique stuff to decorate your lawn or garden? Then here is the perfect choice for you. Here is a duck shaped statue that has an overall grass and stone pattern. This gives the statue and your lawn a very distinct look. It is made of a sturdy and durable material and they blend well with the surroundings. Sharpex Garden Animal Statue is available in several animal designs including dog, elephant, cat, frog, pigeon, etc. You can add each one and make a great collection of statues.

Great craftsmanship

This animal sculpture has a very elegant and classy look. Tied Ribbons Horse Statue is made of resin material which gives a very realistic and remarkably expressive look to the statue. This meticulously crafted statue is weather resistant and UV rays resistant which doesn’t let the color fade off easily. With this horse statue, you are adding grace to your home or garden. This statue has such a beautiful look that it feels like you are in a fairytale. It is also very cost effective.

For dog lovers

Here is the perfect addition for all the puppy or dog lovers. This beagle puppy statue has an adorable design which looks very realistic. It has a compact size and it is made of good quality polyresin material. LuvCraft Decorative Statue will look great absolutely anywhere in your house. This handcrafted dog statue is a must buy as it adds cuteness and charm to your garden or home. This product is cost effective and it can also pose as a great gift for your near and dear ones.

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