Add a little style to your squash game

FP Studio September 08, 2020 13:06:25 IST
Add a little style to your squash game

It is perfect for every age group

This is the perfect racquet for someone who wants to improve their shots. This racquet is of medium weight which helps in making swift and powerful shots in the court. It can also be used by someone who has just started playing squash. Head Microgel 215 Squash Racquet has a size 4 grip which helps to balance out the head weight. The Microgel power technology gives the racquet outstanding power and rock solid feel. This racquet is a value for money purchase.

Made of carbon fiber

If you are looking for a sturdy racquet, this is the right option for you. This racquet finds the perfect balance between being light weight yet sturdy. It helps to increase your speed and put power in your shots. Dunlop SR Apex Infinity is made up of carbon fiber which is a good quality material. Overall it is a great racquet for someone who is a beginner.

Gives you a great swing speed

This is an outstanding racquet apt for professional squash players. It gives you maximum power and control. Technifibre Carboflex Racquet is made of light weight graphite material. It is claimed to be used by Mohamed El Shorbagy, who is a high-ranking squash player. The racquet features a separable guard that permits a more head-light balance giving you remarkable swing speed. The features of this racquet are incredible, quick and responsive.

It has a unique string design

This racquet has a very stylish frame. It is perfect for almost every level squash player. It is made of graphite extreme with twaron and is of medium weight. Prince Phoenix Pro 750 Squash Racquet has a light head to give you better pickup feel. It has more open but equally spaced string patterns. The power ring technology improves response and power due to the main strings being wrapped around an inverted ring.

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