Acoustic guitar cases to protect your instrument

FP Studio February 12, 2021 16:13:55 IST
Acoustic guitar cases to protect your instrument

True cult

PROCULT series offers the rich appealing color combination of sharp orange and royal black. There is a light-reflective logo print and it comes with a high-quality finish. The case fits all brands makes and sizes of acoustic guitars: 38’’, 39’’, 40’’, and 41". It is a long-lasting companion because it is made using a Japanese hybrid stitching technique. It contains inner foam padding & Sturdy construction that will keep your guitar safe against damages, scratches & dirt. The case contains two exterior pockets for accessories, a comforting grab handle & adjustable back straps.

Jumbo size

Glitzy Fender’s acoustic padded guitar case is jumbo in size and is for all sizes of guitars. Aside from storage, the inside offers decent protection too. It’s well-padded with thick foam, with a convenient strap to hold your guitar’s neck securely. Exteriorly, the thick padding provides a durable deterrent to dings and damage. Perfect for guitarists always on the move.

Extra protection

The Mexa acoustic guitar case has a 10 mm thick foam padding used for extra protection to your instrument from impact. There is a front compartment provided to store smaller items like songbooks, plectrum, strings, picks, capo, strap, tuner, and other accessories. Heavy-duty adjustable straps are provided to secure your instrument while you are holding it. The case is very easy to wash and easy to maintain high-quality durable material. Lastly, the bag has a zipper closure with a strong and convenient handle. Good buy for people who want durability

Solid construction

Arctic's acoustic guitar case comes with foam padding to protect the guitar from almost any type of damage. The solid construction of the case will keep your guitar from any scratches and dirt. The polyester fabric is water repellent and is made of heavy-duty stitching. The case comes with two extra-large zipped spaces for accessories like pedals, cables, or notebooks. The handle and the strap are very comfortable to be carried without any difficulty. Good for people who travel on public transport.

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