Ace Your Game with These Basketball Essentials

FP Studio May 23, 2020 00:44:53 IST
Ace Your Game with These Basketball Essentials

It’s dunking time!

Practice your dunks to perfection with this easy-to-install Elk Power Heavy Duty Professional Basketball Ring. It is easily attachable to the desired wall or roof. All you need to do is put it on and begin with a little pick-up in your front drive or back-yard. The ring provides better overall rebound performance and can withstand competitive play game after game. It can facilitate dunking and aggressive play, as the material with which it is made can flex under pressure to offer added safety and protect your backboard. So, get off the couch and onto the court to get your game on. Happy dunking with this awesome ring!

The best ball for the hoops

Highlight your skills and cross the court like your NBL heroes with the Nivia Engraver Basketball. Designed with the best of material, this basketball provides ultimate shape retention and superior strength. It will unlock your peak performance, with the comfort of soft backing and smooth rubberized moulded material. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor courts, this basketball designed for the all shootout is an excellent choice for practising your hoops. You can go slam dunk with this awesome basketball - just what you need to better your on-court skills! The 14-panel moulded construction and all-weather resistance adds to the convenience.

Hit those layups in style

Looking to shoot some hoops with your mates? Get this awesome Spalding NBA Rebound Basketball in Size-7 and make sure you do it like a pro! Owing to its ultra-durable rubber covering, this basketball provides superior performance on both wooden and concrete courts. The ball has a wide channel design on its rubber covering which gives it a tenacious grip, owing to sufficient friction and minimal slippage, which lets you play a disciplined game. The rubber covering has granular texture and wide channels that let you gain a superior grip and is immune to rough gameplay. Go from triple-threat to triple-double in no time!

The best ball for your basketball games

This one is a good piece for both cement as well as outdoor courts. The material of the Nike Dominate 8P Basket Ball is made of soft touch rubber and has a deep groovy pebble texture that helps you grip it much better than the other basketballs in the same class. The bounce? Great. The grip? Very good. The moulded channel design definitely stands out. If you are planning for a casual game of ball with your friends, you won't find anything better. It is highly durable and can withstand a lot of rough use, so you don't need to worry about the fate of the ball. All you need to worry about with this product is winning that game and dunking on your opponents! This is the one we’d pick if we were looking at cranking out some practice sessions in your backyard, or just some fun time with your buddies! Highly recommended.

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