A pair of tongs to make cooking and serving easy

FP Studio December 11, 2020 10:55:21 IST
A pair of tongs to make cooking and serving easy

Ergonomic designed tongs

A stainless steel made tongs having thermoplastic rubber for protection and silicone handle that is non-slip and heat resistant to keep your hands safe from heat burns. It is a silicon teeth design that allows you to pick food without slipping it off making it very convenient to use. It comes in a length of 25.5 cm and width of 3.5cm. If you are looking for a tong specifically to be used for serving pasta, yeesport Kitchen Pasta Tong is the one for you.

All in one tongs

This is multipurpose stainless steel tongs that can be used for various purposes like serving, cooking and turning over while cooking, frying, boiling or mixing in hot temperatures. These heavy duty tongs have a mesh mouth that can drain off excess and result in minimal spilling or dripping. It is provided with rubber covering to keep hands safe and the long loop allows you to hang and store them easily. If you are looking for tongs that can be used for serving, grilling, and cooking, Food Tongs Stainless Steel is the one for you.

A set of three tools

This product is made of top quality stainless steel eliminating every possibility of rust and has a beautiful multicolored handle that gives a soft yet firm grip, It is a set of three different tools - a cooking tongs to aid in preparing the dishes keep your hands safe from the oil splatter, these tongs have a super easy push to unlock and pull for lock mechanism. The second tool is an apple corer which allows you to remove the core without making things messy and the third tool is a cake server to get the slice perfectly on the plate. All this makes the Shapes Imporio Gadget Set a must buy product.

A tong for every purpose

This product contains three different tongs which serves for every purpose. They are made of stainless steel and have silicone grips for easy handling and utility. They are in three different sizes - a pair of small tongs of 7 inches perfect for serving salads, a 9 inches long pair of tongs for barbecue and grill turner and a pair of 12 inches long tongs for cooking in the kitchen which gives you a safe distance from the vessel to keep you safe. If you are looking for a set of tongs for a wide range of purpose, go for Karp Silicon & Stainless Steel Set of 3 Pieces and you won’t be disappointed.

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