7kg Front loading washing machines

FP Studio November 11, 2020 09:36:41 IST
7kg Front loading washing machines

Best for daily-use heavy loads

From one of India’s leading electronics brands, this front-loading Washing machine checks all the right boxes. With unique features for cleaning laundry with ease, this 7kg machine features a spacious drum and optimal cleaning. Low on noise and vibrations, this machine offers several convenient wash options like the Anti-Tangle feature that minimizes tangles in laundry and makes light work of ironing later on. The in-built heater is a bonus, especially when you are dealing with odorous and stained sports cloths, tough stains and thick fabrics that need to be cleaned thoroughly. For all this and more, this one gets our vote every time.

Best for cleaning even with near 0 water pressure

Large families tend to generate a lot of laundry, making a well-designed, reliable machine a fantastic tool. An energy-saving inverter motor keeps those electricity bills from skyrocketing while the anti-bacterial technology and plenty of preset options for all kinds of clothes, make sure your clothes are safe and hygienically washed every time. But perhaps the most convenient feature for homes that struggle with low water pressure is the ability of this machine to complete cycles even seamlessly. If you’re looking for an attractive and quiet machine that does the job thoroughly, we say get this one.

Germ removal with every wash

As a top-rated international brand that manufactures high-quality products, this washing machine is sturdy, silent and reasonably priced. The diamond drum helps activate the detergent to ensure better penetration and removal of dirt and stains. A ceramic heater stops the build-up of water scale deposit, while the delay end feature gives you better control over the wash cycle - useful when you are busy and need to multitask. Given the importance of being germ-free today, a powerful hygiene steam cycle improves the quality of cleaning and giving you that ultimate peace of mind.

Gentle on clothes with an inbuilt water softener

With prompt installation and service, this 7.5Kg washing machine is a god sent for places that have trouble with power fluctuations and hard water. A built-in device helps dissolve detergent better and gives you a softer, cleaner wash with every load. But after several months of use, the most useful features were the protection from voltage fluctuation and the option to pause the wash cycle and add pieces of laundry. Buy this one if you need a hassle-free, high capacity washing machine.

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