4 top dusting powders for your baby

FP Studio August 12, 2021 12:19:06 IST
4 top dusting powders for your baby

Day long protection with fresh fragrance
The base ingredient in this baby powder is all-natural corn starch. It also contains nourishing kokum butter, which helps moisturize your baby’s folds and helps to combat any chafing in your baby’s problem areas. Paraben-free and mildly scented, it has an energizing lemon fragrance and will have your baby smelling clean and fresh in no time at all. It has no added chemicals which can irritate your little one’s skin, so you can use it liberally. Rest assured that this product will help combat those pesky rashes and keep your baby’s skin dry and smooth.

Keep your baby dry and comfortable
This baby powder has been formulated especially for delicate and sensitive skin. It contains the goodness of allantoin and olive oil which help deal with any irritation or chafing on your baby’s skin. The powder is extremely easy to apply and absorbs rapidly thanks to its fine texture. With this powder, a little bit goes a long way, so even this 200 g size should last you a while. If you’re on the hunt for a powder that absorbs quickly and helps keep your baby cooing happily, check this out.

For gentle comfort and calming relief
This baby powder is made from some of the finest natural ingredients. It's formulation includes organic oat starch and arrowroot powder. Both of these natural ingredients effectively absorb excess moisture and keep your little one’s skin free of redness and rashes. Certified to be toxin-free, it also contains lavender oil, which has a pleasing fragrance and has a soothing effect on skin. If you’re looking for an excellent dusting powder to protect your baby’s sensitive skin, you should consider this one.

Soothing powder with moisturizing oils
This talc-free baby powder harnesses the power of three natural oils, and goes a step beyond simply wicking away sweat from your baby’s skin. The main absorbent used here is corn starch and you also get a sweet mild scent that’s quite pleasant. It uses the moisturising properties of jojoba and calendula oil, along with chamomile oil, which is calming and helps combat skin irritation. If you are in search of a powder that’s good at absorbing sweat but won’t dry out your baby’s skin, add this to your cart.


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