4 slice toasters that are great for the whole family

FP Studio May 15, 2021 23:10:21 IST
4 slice toasters that are great for the whole family

Wraps cord conveniently
With wide slots, you can easily cook up to 4 slices at a time. It features a special Defrost button so you can easily defrost frozen bread slices in one step. No need to worry about cold toasts, you can reheat them with a touch of a button. You can achieve the desired color and crispiness for your toasts easily with variable browning. With wide space, you can conveniently toast a big or small slice of bread. Cleaning your toaster is now simple. Forget long meddling cords, you can conveniently wrap the cord around the cord winder while moving around with the toaster. Get this toaster for the perfect toasted bread slice every morning.

Wide slots for thick bread
This toaster comes with multiple functions. It defrosts as well as toasts frozen food. It quickly reheats previously toasted food. It has wide slots for thick bread. You can achieve variable browning with temperature control. You can easily start or cancel toasting at any point without hassle. The removable crumb tray is very easy to clean as it can be washed. The all-metal construction offers durability and a chic look to the toaster. This toaster is perfect for your stylish modern kitchen.

With 7 temperature control settings
This toaster has whooping 7 different temperature control settings. So you can actually get the exact crispiness for your slice of bread just like you want. It has a working wattage of 1500W so you can get that quick power for toasting. No need to wait for defrosting as you can just defrost the slice of bread whenever you want. If you change your mind you can just press Cancel to stop the toasting. Cleaning the toaster is easy with the removable crumb tray. Get this easy-to-maintain high-functioning toaster today!

Auto switch-off function
This dynamic toaster has extra-wide slots to toast all of your favorite breakfast foods. With its six-position browning options, you can be in total control of the crispiness of your toast. Make a statement with this stylish slice toaster. It has a plastic body which makes it easy to carry. It has a special function of defrosting so needs to wait for the slice to defrost. You can also reheat the cold slice. Moreover, you can stop the toasting whenever you want with the Cancel button. It also comes with an auto switch off. This toaster is perfect for you if want something simple and value for money.

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