4 Digital weighing scales to help you keep track of your body

FP Studio June 19, 2020 04:00:22 IST
4 Digital weighing scales to help you keep track of your body

Electronic weight machine

Aesthetically appealing and featuring a round tempered glass, this weighing scale gives your bodyweight that you can track daily. We found the compact design unobtrusive enough to blend into the home decor whether in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. With a weight limit of up to 180 kgs, this scale can help you keep track of your weight down to the closest 100gms. Keep yourself motivated through your exercise program and stay on track with this tool that’s easy to use, priced reasonably, and easily available. The one thing you need to be careful off - make sure it's placed on a flat surface to get accurate results. We love this one for keeping it simple yet beautiful!

Comes with advanced technology

With a more compact and stylish design than the old-school analog weighing scales, this one by Hesley offers a phenomenal set of features for a small price. Get advanced Step-on technology that gives you an instant reading, a backlit LCD display for clear reading, and your choice of units - kg, st, lb. We loved the fact that it’s far more compact than many other scales on the market and has rounded edges - no more stubbing toes when you go to check your weight! The auto-on/off/zero makes the whole process so much simpler and hassle-free that it stops feeling like a chore. Finally, the low-battery and overload indicators make it easy to use and maintain for years to come. Looking for a reliable weighing machine? This is the one.

Here’s your digital personal body fitness buddy

Keeping track of your fitness goals and weight accurately is not easy without the right tools! That's what makes this digital body fitness weighing scale by Hoffenis your best bet. High precision sensors give you an accurate reading every time while the strengthened tempered glass design improves the durability to give you years of stress-free service. We loved that the design was compact enough to let us store more easily in an office or at home. Best of all - it shuts off automatically when not in use thus improving battery usage by leaps and bounds. Cleverly designed, it will even tell you when your batteries are running low and it's time for a change.

Almost unbreakable and good to look at

This high accuracy weighing scale by AZOD tells you how much you weigh in under 10 seconds. Equipped with a large digital LCD window, Step-On Technology, a compact design and stylish design makes this personal weight scale an easy front runner. The easy-to-read backlit LCD display made it convenient to check the weight before bedtime, while the ultra-slim design meant that it could be slid under a bed or almirah for easy access and storage anytime. Virtually unbreakable, the reinforced glass can handle up to 180 kgs while the display will give you warnings to show Low voltage- LO or Overweight - O-LD if needed.

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