2021 calendars to make the most of the year ahead

FP Studio January 19, 2021 00:32:09 IST
2021 calendars to make the most of the year ahead

Colourful flower motifs
This calendar is perfect for gardening enthusiasts. Each month features refreshing botanical illustrations to get your day started. Perfect to hang in your home to finish off your room, desk or office! It features 12 months with the calendar grid. The calendar is spiral-bound so you can turn the pages without folding them. This 2021 Wall Calendar was created as a beautiful yet functional solution for the modern woman’s busy, chaotic, and full life. The thick paper prevents bleed-through so the beautiful design does not get ruin. This wonderful calendar has been designed to help you find focus, productivity and balance. This is life, well-designed. Write down essential reminders and plan your next adventure with your wall calendar!

Quirky and colourful wall calendar
This wall calendar features the smart proclamations of Garfield that have made him our favourite feline friend for more than forty years! Each monthly spread of this full-colour, 12 x 12 wall calendar showcases a fun image of Garfield accompanied by a slothful statement. Kickstart your day by reading his quirky statements. Each month has a grid layout so you can write all your plans and notes clearly. The colourful theme makes it almost impossible to ignore it from the wall. If you want to start your day with fun-filled quotes from your favourite cartoon cat, this calendar is perfect for you.

Page for each day
If you want a calendar that will allow you detailed planning for each day, this calendar is perfect for you. This calendar comes with a separate page for each day so you can write notes and plan in detail. It also features Dilbert, the popular corporate cartoon strip. So each day you get a new strip to start your day! You can watch them navigate the pitfalls and policies of corporate life in the Dilbert strips featured on the daily pages of this calendar. You can even use this as office calendar and share their frustration with lazy coworkers!

Daily affirmation calendar
Motivate your every day with these daily affirmation calendar. They have a separate page of every day planning along with an inspirational quote. You can either plan your activities at home or use it to mark progress at the office. These calendars are perfect for both. Along with the inspirational quotes this calendar features soothing pictures of nature. So if you are someone who loves nature this calendar is perfect for you. Get this calendar and learn life affirmations today!

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