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Huge fine will make doctors responsible

Oct 25, 2013

The huge compensation that has been awarded has been done keeping in mind the gravity of crime and the fact that she was a US citizen. But the real point is who would you rather want - scared doctors or responsible doctors?

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It was Mahatma Gandhi's desire to dissolve the Congress

Oct 02, 2013

Mahatma Gandhi had wanted to dissolve the Congress Party because he had predicted that the party would be completely corrupt. But he was not heard by the leaders who formed the first government on the basis of the Congress Party.

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What you need to know about Apple iPhone 5c and 5s

Sep 11, 2013

Apple launched two phones on Tuesday - iPhone 5s which has been positioned as a premium smartphone and iPhone 5c which is sporting a colourful polycarbonate body. For those who expected a cheaper iPhone, sorry that doesn't seem to be happening. But i...

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Neither Modi nor Rahul fit to be PM

Aug 16, 2013

Anna Hazare believes that neither Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi nor Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is suitable for the Prime Minister's job.“We won't get a good leader unless the nation chooses its Prime Minister directly,” Hazare sa...

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BB Q10 review: The best QWERTY keypad smartphone

Jun 06, 2013

The sacrifice that one makes for the soft QWERTY keypad of the Blackberry Q10 is an unacceptable sacrifice. But it is undoubtably the best QWERTY keypad phone that combines the touchscreen along with it.

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Fear of FII outflows may halt market rally

May 23, 2013

Nothing has happened in the market to say that liquidity is tightening. Given what the US Fed Governors have said and the Japanese markets, liquidity mat not be as benign is the fear that is driving investors.

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Boston blasts: The guilty must be punished

Apr 17, 2013

Marathon is about brotherhood and the blasts have cast a dark shadow. The guilty must be brought to justice.

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Boston Blasts: Nowhere as big as 9/11, but huge impact on society, sports

Apr 16, 2013

In the matter of scale this cannot be compared to 9/11. But in the world of security to do with sporting events this will have enormous impact. As a societal tragedy too this is significant.

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Thatcher was not afraid of taking uncomfortable decisions

Apr 10, 2013

Thatcher went against the grain because she always stood by what she thought would restore Britain as a major financial power in the world. And the results are there for all to see - there was reduced inflation and Britain could come out of its defic...



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