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Retail inflation rises to 9.87%, expect further rise

Jul 12, 2013

India's annual consumer price inflation picked up in June to 9.87 percent, after slowing for three straight months. Food prices for consumers rose an annual 11.84 percent in June, faster than an annual rise of 10.65 percent in May.According to Firstp...

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Rupee at 60: Why foreigners must invest in India now

Jul 08, 2013

The rupee fell by a massive 97 paise to breach the 61-mark to 61.19, a new all-time low, against the dollar today. However, Firstpost Editor-in-chief R Jagannathan feels it's largely due to global factors and it will recover in the long run.He also s...

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Food Security will cause high inflation, benefit politicians

Jul 05, 2013

Firstpost Editor-in-Chief R Jagannathan believes the Food Security Bill is terrible news for the economy as it will only benefit corrupt officials and politicians while the needy will gain nothing and food inflation will soar.

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100% FDI in telecom is a win-win for all

Jul 03, 2013

The telecom commission has approved hiking foreign direct investment limit in the sector from 74 percent to 100 percent, a move that will allow consumers to enjoy better services and competitive rates. Existing telecom players get an exit option whil...

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Banking licence: Biggies set to gain, small players will lose

Jul 02, 2013

The new banking licence will allow large industrial houses like the Tatas and Reliance to gain because it can mitigate the risk of venturing into non-banking areas. However, it will be a death trap for smaller players as they move into areas where mo...

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Cobrapost: Insurance seems to be where black money is hidden

May 06, 2013

The second Cobrapost sting operation shows that there is a huge amount of black money circulating in the economy that is looking for investment, mostly in financial and banking sectors. Insurance may be the favoured destination for hoarding large amo...

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Ambedkar was an open advocate of market forces and not socialism

Apr 09, 2013

Ambedkar gave precedence to market based forces and argued that the market will combat the caste system. Yet the constitution went ahead with a bad idea of socialism and unfortunately the bad idea remained there ever since.

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DMK has nothing to lose by not backing this government

Mar 20, 2013

DMK has somehow calculated that they have nothing to lose by not backing this government. Their presence in the government is not going to make a big difference whether it goes for elections now or later.

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Action unlikely against banks despite Cobrapost sting operation

Mar 15, 2013

Although the Cobrapost sting operation indicates that private banks knowingly dealt with black money, they are too critical to the system for the government and RBI to go after like crooks.



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