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Dear govt, choose: Is CBI independent or under your control?

May 07, 2013

Why is the government saying that the Law Minister can influence the CBI? Didn't the same government during the Lokpal debate say that the CBI is completely independent and does not depend on the whims and fancies of the government?

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Coalgate: UPA II has lost all sense of propriety

May 01, 2013

How long will people like Salman Khurshid and Soli Sorabjee wait to indict the Law Minister as well as the Prime Minister. This shows that people like Salman Khurshid have no sense of propriety and are hanging on to power.

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Justice Verma's period was the golden age of the NHRC

Apr 23, 2013

Justice JS Verma's stint as the NHRC Chairman laid the foundations for the later rulings of the Supreme Court on the Gujarat riots. It also set a precedent for the way investigative cases were to be dealt in future.

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Gujarat CM will be calling the shots in the Lokayukta

Apr 03, 2013

Under the new Lokayukta passed in the state of Gujarat the Chief Minister will have the last say in matters of appointment and functioning. This is a further dilution of the already weak Lokayukta in the state.

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CBI is completely under Congress control

Mar 22, 2013

Raid on the DMK leader Stalin clearly shows that the CBI can be held hostage to the ruling party. Not just that calling off the raid only goes to confirm that CBI has become a slave to the wishes of the Congress.

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India should invoke UN treaty to extract information from Italy

Feb 19, 2013

The government can easily invoke the UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime to extract information about AgustaWestland deal from Italy, yet Salman Khurshid pleads helplessness much like his predecessor Solanki in the Bofors case.

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There must have been pressure from the top to help the accused

Feb 12, 2013

Unless there is huge push from the top echelons of the government, there cannot be such brazen collusion in the 2G case between the accused and the CBI public prosecutor, on a case that was monitored almost everyday by the Supreme Court.



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