Prasenjit Bose
Prasenjit Bose
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TMC is shielding the culprits of Saradha ponzi scheme

Apr 24, 2013

Small scale savings schemes like the Saradha Group also flourished under the Left Front regime. But the Left Front government moved court in the early 1990s for irregularities whereas the TMC is just trying to shield the culprits.

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Will Trinamool ever own up to their hooliganism?

Apr 11, 2013

What the Left did is condemnable. But they at least had the courage to own up to their mistakes and decry the entire incident that happened outside the Planning Commission. TMC however will never have own up to their hooliganism at Presidency Univers...

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Chavez was the answer to the neoliberal pattern of development

Mar 08, 2013

From the point of view of Hugo Chavez, a country cannot be judged by the level of foreign investment but it is to be seen from the point of view of common people. This could be his alternative to the neoliberal pattern of development dominating the w...

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Antony has done nothing for indigenous defence establishment

Feb 20, 2013

Left economist Prasenjit Bose slammed AK Antony saying that he has done precious little to improve the indigenous defence research and development leading us to become the world's largest arms importer and landing such murky deals.



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