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The Great Gatsby sells the Great American Dream with panache

May 20, 2013

Baz Luhrmann, the director of The Great Gatsby, sells the great American dream with panache not just to Americans, but to the entire world. The film is not just an adaptation of Fitzgerald's novel but it is an imaginative take of what dreaming and im...

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Dear Star Trek makers, stop aping Christopher Nolan

May 10, 2013

Why is every Hollywood superhero and spy movie trying so hard to be dark - almost foolishly aping Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. This attempt at portraying a villain that is larger than life and has a dark past does not work. Sadly, it ends up ...

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GI Joe has completely lost the plot

Apr 03, 2013

GI Joe movie is so hackneyed and drab that it destroys all childhood memories of GI Joe game figures and vehicles. Even Bruce Wills could not save the film that suffers from terrible performances by its actors.



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