Will not oppose India’s UNSC seat bid, says China

Nov 28, 2012

New Delhi: Seeking a cooperative relationship with India to build an Asian century, a senior Chinese official on Wednesday underlined that China will not pursue a policy to obstruct or oppose India's efforts to get a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

"We welcome a more positive and important role by India in the United Nations," Huang Huaguang, an official of the international department of the Communist Party of China, said in an interaction at the Observer Research Foundation, a think tank.

United Nations. Reuters.

We don't have a policy to obstruct or oppose India's efforts to get a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, Hu, director general, Research Office, at international department of the CPC, said when asked about China's position on India's candidacy for a permanent seat in the UNSC.

He added that the ongoing debate about the reforms of the UN Security Council is chaotic and should be better coordinated.

Although it has backed a bigger role for India in the UN's top decision-making body, China has vacillated and has yet to declare its support for India's bid to join the UNSC.

Huang is part of the Chinese delegation which is currently visiting New Delhi to apprise the Indian leadership and opinion-makers about broad contours of China's economy and foreign policy under the new dispensation that is expected to take charge in March next year.

He also underscored the need for better strategic communication with India and stressed on resolving conflicts through dialogue. "The rise of us (India and China) together will be a very important phenomenon on the world stage," he said.

We are two large developing and populous countries and we should have better strategic communication and stronger economic relations, he said.


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