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Why ban the Pakistan women's cricket team from Mumbai?

Is it right for the Shiv Sena to oppose the Pakistan women's cricket team from playing in Mumbai? Lets see what two voices, both with very different outlooks, have to say about it:

Rahul Navrekar, Shiv Sena

"No Pakistani cricketer, sportsman and artist will be allowed to exploit the soil of this country for commercial benefit unless Pakistan goes back from their usual tactic of infiltrating India. Its a question of the integrity of the country. On the one hand, you have soldiers who are brutally killing the soldiers and on the other hand, you have these cricketers.

Pak women's cricket team. Seen here after the 2010 Asian Games victory. AFP.

"Most of their artists, sportsmen get commercial benefit because they get a huge market in India because Pakistan is a bankrupt state. Time has come to boycott them completely like the world boycotted South Africa during the apartheid. When the people of Pakistan feel the pinch in their pockets then they will convince their own government to mend its ways."

Kishore Bhimani, sports writer and columinist

"I do not understand how they (the cricketers) are exploiting Indian soil. They bring countries together. Bishen Bedi's team went to Pakistan when tensions had escalated in the border and mingled with Mustaq Ahmed's team. They are engaging in an activity that takes things forward, why should they be sidelined?"

"The question is: Are the players perpetrating the bestiality at the border? Are ghazal singers responsible for their border problems and do we ban them? They should not bear the consequences of the bestiality of a few individuals."

Published Date: Jan 18, 2013 12:26 PM | Updated Date: Jan 18, 2013 12:38 PM

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