Watch: John Oliver rips Donald Trump apart and we are still reeling with laughter

In the past few months Donald Trump has become too popular to ignore. He was the clear winner in the latest Nevada Republican caucus, and we can foresee a future where he becomes the president of the United States. Various late night show hosts have rededicated their hours to take Trump down. John Oliver – the famous British comedian (trained under Jon Stewart) – who hosts the HBO's Last Week Tonight and has mainly been ignoring Trump’s popularity up until now, was the latest in line to take Trump’s case.

John Oliver on his show Last Week Tonight. image credit: Youtube

John Oliver on his show Last Week Tonight. image credit: Youtube

"Our main story tonight and I can't believe I'm saying this, is Donald Trump," Oliver started Sunday's episode. "I say that knowing that every time his name is said out loud, he has a shattering orgasm."

Oliver and Trump have had a history of public feuding, when Trump called Oliver’s show “boring” on social media platform Twitter. Today Oliver uses Trump’s remark as a publicity tool.

On Sunday’s show, the 38-year-old comedian remarked on Donald’s wealth (or the lack of it), his campaign tactics, his “ivy-league” education, his love for “words”, the art of suing and his short stubby fingers. He went on to dig into his past and highlighted the holes in Trump's lies.

Trump has on various occasions made reference to the power of his name. In light of that, Oliver reveals "The name 'Trump' was not always his family's name. One biographer had found that a prescient ancestor had changed it from, and this is true, 'Drumpf.' Yes, f---ing Drumpf. And Drumpf is much less magical."

He went on to launch the hashtag #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain and a website called where one can download drumpfinator chrome extension to replace the word Trump with Drumpf wherever it appears on the browser.

The 22-minute show ended with a new campaign anthem where Oliver said, “We cannot keep getting blinded by the magic of his name… Don’t think of him as Donald Trump, think of him as Donald Drumpf.”

Published Date: Mar 01, 2016 15:36 PM | Updated Date: Mar 01, 2016 15:36 PM

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