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US asks Egyptian parties to allow peaceful process

Washington: Expressing concern over the crisis over a draft constitution in Egypt, the US today asked all parties concerned to allow a peaceful process and take all possible measures to avoid confrontation and violence.

"We call on all sides to allow for a peaceful process, and to pursue a result that is a constitution that both reflects the will of the Egyptian people, and upholds Egypt's international human rights responsibilities and commitments, including respect for the rights of women, minorities and Egyptians of all faith," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

Mohammed Mursi. Agencies.

The United States, he said, remain concerned with the continuing lack of consensus regarding the recent constitutional declarations and the handling of the draft constitution in Egypt.

"The current situation in Egypt indicates that dialogue between all Egyptians is urgently needed and that it must be a two-way dialogue that includes a respectful exchange of the concerns of the Egyptian people themselves about their constitutional process and the substance of their constitution," he said.

Asserting that the Egyptian people want and deserve a constitutional process that is open, transparent and fair and does not unduly favor one group over any other, Carney said democracy depends on strong institutions and the important checks and balances that provide accountability.

"We would note that demonstrations supporting both sides of the issues so far have been large and generally peaceful. As Egyptians continue to express their views, we look to the government of Egypt to respect the freedoms of peaceful expression and assembly and to exercise restraint.

"We also continue to call on demonstrators and political parties to take all possible measures to avoid confrontation and violence," he said.

"We encourage the implementation of a constitution that is seen as legitimate by a broad cross-section of the Egyptian people across the political spectrum and that upholds Egypt's international human rights commitments, including respect for the rights of women, minorities and Egyptians of all faiths," Carney said.

"The United States has a very important relationship with Egypt. The President has worked effectively with President Mursi on key issues, including recently the negotiated cease-fire in Gaza," he said in response to a question.