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Watch: The mystery sea creature that washed up in Indonesia is a whale

A huge mysterious sea creature that washed up on Indonesia’s shores on 10 May has been identified, well, almost. The rotting carcass is far beyond specific recognition, but based on parts of the whale that can be seen, especially the presence of baleen – the filter system inside the mouth, scientists have concluded it is a type of Baleen whale.

Dead whales generally fall to the bottom of the ocean, serving as food for the marine life.

The whale will now either be brought onto land for disposal through incineration or landfill, or – if the area was sufficiently isolated – left to decompose in the water.

The nearly 50-foot-long (15 meters) marine creature was first discovered by 37-year-old local resident Asrul Tuanakota, who initially mistook the creature for a boat, the Jakarta Globe reported.

Published Date: May 16, 2017 19:08 PM | Updated Date: May 16, 2017 19:08 PM

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