Seven killed in suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan

Baghdad: A suicide bomber slammed a car packed with explosives into one of the gates of Baghdad's heavily guarded Green Zone today, killing seven people,
including three security officers, Iraqi officials said.

The bombing took place during the morning rush hour near the bridge over the Tigris River connecting the Karradah district and the Green Zone, where most government offices, the parliament and several embassies and foreign missions in Iraqi capital are located.

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The blast set several cars ablaze, officials said. A hospital official said that 26 people, including eight security officers, were wounded in the explosion. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to brief the media.

Violence has ebbed significantly, but insurgents continue to stage high-profile bombings and shooting attacks. More than a week ago, insurgents launched a string of attacks across the country, killing 92 people in one of Iraq's deadliest days this year.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for the attacks, and promised "black days ahead."


Published Date: Sep 17, 2012 16:58 PM | Updated Date: Sep 17, 2012 16:58 PM

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