Manmohan Singh to visit US in September for bilateral meet

Jul 23, 2013

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is to visit the US in the last week of September during which he will hold bilateral talks with President Barack Obama.

This was discussed during talks between visiting US Vice President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh here Tuesday, informed sources told IANS.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Joe Biden. AFP

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Joe Biden. AFP

"The meeting between Obama and Singh will take place in September end, this has been confirmed. The dates have not been fixed yet. We are working on two sets of dates," the source added.

The prime minister would attend the UN General Assembly in New York and then visit Washington for a bilateral summit with Obama.

Mannohan Singh and Biden discussed a whole range of issues during their around an hour talks at 7, Race Course Road, including implementation of the civil nuclear deal and enhancing economic ties.


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