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Live: Imran Khan joins Pak drama, demands Zardari's resignation

by FP Staff  Jan 15, 2013 18:00 IST

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Thousands of Pakistanis shouting slogans like "we want change" thronged the streets of Islamabad in support of Sufi cleric Muhammad Tahir-Ul-Qadri's anti-government demonstrations on Monday. Flag-waving citizens braved tear gas shells fired by the police and called for a crackdown on corruption, backing Qadri's call for an indefinite delay in elections.

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Qadri had earlier threatened the government of a million-man march and demanded that the army play a bigger role in forming a caretaker government. Qadri has given an ultimatum to the Pakistan government to dissolve the national and provincial assemblies by 11 am Tuesday.

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