Ireland student fails to recognise PM Leo Varadkar, asks him 'are you Irish?'

It might not be every day that you can get away with not recognising your country's leader and making them wait for a table. Thankfully, for Emma Kelly, it was the Irish prime minister and not the leader of North Korea.

Kelly a Dublin student, who is working as a waitress in Chicago, failed to recognise Ireland's prime minister Leo Varadkar when he came to her restaurant and made him wait for twenty minutes for a table on Sunday night.

The Hindustan Times reported that Kelly first asked Varadkar if he was Irish and then asked him and his friend to wait at the bar before leading them to a tiny table.

She realised her mistake when her friend pointed out that the prime minister has been waiting outside. "They wanted to sit outside so I told them they'd have to wait. Then I was like 'oh hey, are you guys Irish' and they were like 'yeah'," Kelly was quoted as saying by The Irish Times.

Afterwards, Kelly went up to Varadkar to apologise. "He thought it was funny but actually was like it's nice being treated like a normal person," she said. The prime minister also responded to her on Twitter.

Published Date: Aug 16, 2017 19:07 PM | Updated Date: Aug 16, 2017 19:07 PM

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