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Greece's radical left more popular then conservatives: poll

Nov 26, 2012 16:14 IST

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Athens: Greece's main opposition radical left party has extended its lead over the governing conservatives, according to a new poll released as Athens awaits its creditors' verdict on a vital loan payment.

The Pulse survey in Monday's Six Days newspaper gave the anti-bailout Radical Left Coalition 23.5 percent, compared to 19 percent for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras' conservatives.

Samaras' two center-left coalition partners also declined in popularity. Reuters

The previous Pulse poll a month ago had given the opposition a three percent lead.

Samaras' two center-left coalition partners also declined in popularity, while the extreme far-right Golden Dawn party that entered Parliament for the first time this year came third at 12 percent.

Greek stocks were roughly flat Monday, ahead of a eurozone finance ministers' meeting in Brussels that could approve release of the €44 billion ($57 billion) after several delays.