France, Britain threaten tougher Syria moves

Jul 4, 2012

Paris: France and Britain say they will push for tougher UN action against Syria if a transition plan doesn't bring a quick end to the violence.

France is hosting an international conference on Syria's future Friday.

Frustration in some quarters is growing with a UN-brokered peace plan that could allow President Bashar Assad to take part in a transitional government.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said in Paris today that if the plan "does not quickly bring results on the ground, then our countries are ready to return to the United Nations Security Council and to seek further measures."

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says if the roadmap isn't applied fast "then we would come back to the United Nations" for tougher measures, including possibly those that could allow military intervention.

France is hosting an international conference on Syria's future on Friday.


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