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Fidel Castro: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau defends his remarks after Twitter backlash

After Cuban leader Fidel Castro passed away, Justin Trudeau marked his death by calling him a "remarkable leader" who would be mourned by Canada.

Twitterati immediately lashed out on an otherwise social media favourite, Trudeau. The Canadian Prime Minister became the target for his remarks over Castro's death, which comes as a surprise.

A file photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Reuters

A file photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Reuters

Trudeau's statements were soon heavily criticised on social media, with #trudeaueulogies trending for all the wrong reasons.

While Trudeau mentioned earlier about Castro being a "controversial figure", he now made further statements, defending his initial remarks. At a press conference in Madagascar, Trudeau called Castro "a polarising figure" and that he had a "deep and lasting impact on the Cuban people", The Independent reported.

Meanwhile, according to NDTV, Castro who was widely known for violating human rights, Twitter imagined what Trudeau would say about Joseph Stalin, the former leader of the Soviet Union.

Users lashed out at Trudeau for praising a leader who was largely considered a dictator.

Trudeau also agreed to Castro being a dictator and having raised the issue of human rights in his previous visit to Cuba.

Published Date: Nov 28, 2016 17:33 PM | Updated Date: Nov 28, 2016 17:33 PM

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