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Edward Snowden: whistleblower to lingerie endorser?

by FP Staff  Jul 2, 2013 14:50 IST

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If Edward Snowden’s chosen career as whistleblower doesn’t work out, he might have a career in endorsing lingerie. German lingerie brand Blush Berlin has incorporated Snowden into a few of their Facebook photos, and the photos have garnered the company a lot of attention on social media.

A screenshot from the lingerie company's website.

A screenshot from the lingerie company's website.

"Hey NSA, want some intimates? Don't spy them, buy them!!" reads Blush Berlin's Facebook page. The brand also strikes a caring tone for the much-sought privacy advocate: "Dear Edward, take good care! We are with you!" Another one says: “Don’t spy them, buy them!”

Besides this, the most popular – and the funniest photo asks Snowden to put his investigative skills to another use: “Dear Edward Snowden,” reads the text placed next to a model in lingerie, “There’s still a lot to uncover.”