Dramatic last moments of Nasheed as Maldivian president

by Feb 10, 2012

The dramatic last moments of Maldivian President Nasheed at his official residence as the head of the nation, posted on youtube by his detractors. Moments later, he was forced to resign by the mutineering police at gun point.

The Maldivian president announced his resignation in Male, Maldives on Tuesday, 7 February 2012. PTI

The video carried the following description:
"Nasheed rails against military for refusing to go out and fire at citizens. Military had already sprayed citizens with rubber bullets, injuring scores.
Military refused to kill citizens and said they will not obey orders any more. Nasheed had to resign once he lost the support of the military."

However, his family told Firstpost that the description of the video is misleading and what he is asking MNDF (Maldivian National Defence Force) is to protect his country and not to shoot the protesters. This is a campaign to discredit him, his family said.

Watch the video here:

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