After Paksitani chaiwallah, this beautiful Nepali tarkariwali takes the Internet by storm

After Pakistan's blue-eyed chaiwallah Arshad Khan and the heartthrob Singaporean airport official, Lee Minwei, a tarkariwali (vegetable seller) from Nepal now gets her fifteen minutes, with netizens incessantly hitting the "share" button again to validate this girl's beauty overnight.

According to a News18 article, a Nepali photographer, Rupchandra Maharjan took photographs of a girl carrying vegetables on her back at the Fishling suspension bridge between Gorkha and Chitwan, and posted them online. The photo has became very popular on the social media.

The Gundruk Post report identified the vegetable seller's real name as Kusum Shreshta, a Class 11 student who helps her parents selling vegetables in the local market at Chitwan. It also claims that the photographs were taken with her consent.

However, some don't seem very excited with the use of the word tarkariwali for her.

An India Today article claims that her identity is still unknown, further adding that permission was not asked for before her picture was taken, winding a case against unethical photography.

But whether or not the beautiful Nepali tarkariwali gave permission for the photograph, we wonder if social media will bring her good fortune just like it did with the Pakistani chaiwallah. Arshad Khan, the Paksitani chaiwallah found work modelling after a Retail site signed him on. We wish this green grocer good fortune too.

Published Date: Nov 02, 2016 20:29 PM | Updated Date: Nov 02, 2016 21:00 PM

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