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The notoriously unabashed Rakhi Sawant has grabbed media attention yet again by declaring that she would like to marry Baba Ramdev because he has "hot abs". She made her latest revelation at a press conference in Delhi where she also sought to explain a two hour delay by telling assembled journalists that someone had stolen her sari.

Sawant is easily one of the most recognized contemporary females in Bollywood, although she has never really had a major acting role. Her first big break came when she did an item number for the song "Mohabbat Hai Mirchi" in the movie Chura liya hai tumne. Her career after that has also mostly been restricted to item numbers, although she has made appearances in films such as the Rani Mukherjee starrer Dil bole hadippa! and Shah Rukh Khan's Main hoon na.

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Despite what can be termed as a mediocre film career however, Sawant enjoys a high level of recognition in Bollywood circles - mainly because she understands the value of the shock factor. Rakhi Sawant will say, wear and do anything - the more outlandish the better. She fearlessly treads terrain her peers would never go, and she wears ridicule and contempt like badges of honour. In 2006 she launched an FIR with the Oshiwara police, claiming that she was 'forcibly' kissed by singer Mika Singh at his birthday party. “He bit my lips twice and in the process my earring broke,” she told reporters after the incident. “I am an Indian woman. I will not allow a liplock - a peck on the cheek is okay.

Sawant's next big break came when she discovered she had a flair for reality television. She gained instant household notoriety in Season 1 of the reality show Bigg boss, where her constant bickering with other house mates was an added source of entertainment. In 2009 she announced that she would hold a swayamwar on national television to find a husband. At the completion of the swayamwar, which was a ratings hit, Rakhi chose Canadian citizen Elesh Parujanwala. However she chose to get engaged to Parujanwala rather than marry him. Later she announced that the couple had parted ways.

Her next attempt at a reality show was a Rakhi version of Judge Amy. Or an attempt to impersonate King Solomon. Sawant announced that she would settle disputes between people, saving them the trouble of going before the legal system. However her show was pulled off prime time slots after one of the participants committed suicide because she called him impotent.

Apart from her own shows, Sawant regularly makes appearances on other reality shows as either a host, a participant or a judge. She also makes sure she's never too far away from the spotlight. She has regularly expressed admiration for Rahul Gandhi but has seemingly moved on to the bearded Ramdev - he of the better physique. "I'm ready to marry him yaar", she said. "He's so hot".

First Published On : Jul 28, 2011 17:32 IST

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