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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Worst Ending Alternative Scene (Capture Menendez)

For the Actual WORST possible ending in the game (Kill Menendez) Click this link: this ending: | Woods Death | Menendez Escapes | Agency Network still hacked | Mason is dead | CIA Information not collected | Karma Dead | And more Horrib ...

Flipkart may have Chetan Bhagat, but Amazon has Xbox One

Aug 06, 2014    

From the time that Amazon has set its foot in India, the country's biggest online retailer Flipkart has been doing everything to ensure it stays ahead. Yesterday, Flipkart took one more step by announcing that author Chetan Bhagat's latest book 'Half Girlfriend' can be pre-ordered only from their online store.Now, Amazon India has struck back by announcing an exclusive partnership with Microsoft in whichXbox One, Xbox 360, Kinect, Xbox Live, Xbox Accessories and all Microsoft-published Xbox game titles will be available on its site.Amazon has also launched the pre-orders for Xbox One from toda...

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