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Windows 8 Kurztipps Teil 7 - Wie fährt man den Computer herunter? [German]

Siebtes Video meiner Kurztipps Hilfevideo Serie für das neue Windows 8 Betriebssystem von Microsoft. In diesem Tutorial wird erklärt, wie man einen Windows 8 PC am schnellsten und einfachsten herunterfährt: Einfach den Netzschalter des Computers drücken!Falls das nicht zum Herunterfahren des ...

Why Microsoft is fighting a losing battle with Windows 8x

Jan 06, 2014    

Windows 8 was built with a mission to modernise the PC experience. The animated live tiles on the home screen that conjured up fresh information were crucial to this mission."There's tons of stuff on the Internet," says Sam Moreau, director of design and research for Windows. "And your PC basically has this little straw Internet Explorer to see all this. We didn't think that should be the case. The whole PC should be about that. Part of what the Start screen is really about is making all this activity these people that you care about, and all this information sort of explod...

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