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Let's Play Star Wars The Old Republic #14 [Deutsch] [HD] - Soldat

Tausende von Jahren vor dem Aufstieg von Darth Vader existierte die alte Republik. Wähle deine Seite in Star Wars The Old Republic und beginne deine eigene Star Wars Saga. In der bedeutsame Entscheidungen deinen Weg auf der hellen oder Dunklen Seite der Macht bestimmen.*************************** ...

X Fails: 'The X Files' reboot needs a makeover, much like 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Feb 07, 2016    

There’s a certain art in making fanboys first salivate at their mouths and then letting them down. You give them a promise of their long lost love returning to them, and when they least expect it, you swipe the rug from under their feet so hard they find themselves on the ground covered in their own saliva, wondering what the heck happened.This brutal little tactic was used in the new six-episode revamp of The X Files, a series run so unspectacular it hurts. And in an era where reboots (Jurassic Park, Star Wars) are doing pretty well, The X Files does an embarras...

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