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Let's Play Star Wars The Old Republic #14 [Deutsch] [HD] - Soldat

Tausende von Jahren vor dem Aufstieg von Darth Vader existierte die alte Republik. Wähle deine Seite in Star Wars The Old Republic und beginne deine eigene S...

PM Modi stands next to Hugh Jackman, quotes from Star Wars: John Oliver won't let him forget this

Sep 30, 2014    

The Indian American community in New York may have been planning the Indian Prime Minister's visit for a few months now, but does theaverage American care ? Not really.There werereports thatelaborated in embarrassing detail how a few Americans did not even know who Narendra Modi is, so asking themif they thoughtModi's American sojourn isbig deal would probably be hoping for too much.But trust comedian and political satirist John Oliver to step upand strip the bombast off what has otherwise been touted as one ofModi's finest moments in America. Oliver began predictably with a little bitch about...

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