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Special Release_ Tribute to Houston Holbrook

Bored Shorts TV has lost a valuable crew member. He will be greatly missed. Here is a list of Kid Snippets where Houston Holbrook filmed, edited, or made an appearance_ Proposal (filmed):...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer secrets you need to know

Apr 17, 2015    

Surprise all you Star Wars fans! The new trailer of the latest installment of the Star Wars Saga is out, and it's even better than expected.We've analysed the trailer for you and picked out the most noteworthy moments.0:30 The first glimpse of Jabbu! We're hit by a huge wave of nostalgia as the first scene of the trailer takes us to a new planet. And no it is not Tatooine, the home of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. A few haunting notes of composer John Williams score definitely takes us back in time. Tatooine has appeared in every Star Wars film except The Empire Strikes Back. We also see glimpses...

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