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NAARPI - Field Inspectors Certification -

The North American Association of Rental Property Inspectors provides field inspectors certification. NAARPI certifies Property Managers, Landlords, Investors, Maintenance Providers, Brokers, Real Estate Agents and Professional Inspectors who fulfill inspection requirements on Residential Rental Pro ...

HDFC finds India's real estate to be affordable. Here's why it is wrong

May 19, 2015    

The home loan lender HDFC in its latest investor presentation says that homes have seen an improved affordability. This goes against everything that one sees in the real estate sector these days, where prices have gone so high that most people wanting to buy a home to live in, can't.So how did HDFC manage to come to such a conclusion? Allow me to explain.In thegraph above, HDFC points out that homes are more affordable than they have been at any point of time in the last ten years. It defines affordability as property prices divided by annual income. This number for 2015 comes in at 4.4. In 20...

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